A Guide to Owning and Operating an Indoor Park, Indoor Playground or FEC

Want to open, own and operate an indoor park, indoor playground or family entertainment center (FEC)? The information you’ll find here will be an excellent in-depth guide to get you off to a successful start and help you avoid some very costly mistakes.


When researching how to start your own FEC and its operations, I'm guessing you tried talking with an indoor park owner or searched online and didn't get very far. Your search is over!

Whether you’re looking to build your own indoor playground or just looking for a leg up on the family entertainment center competition, you’ll definitely achieve much faster results from the information provided here.

As an owner and operator of a children’s soft play indoor park, I’ve grown the business from a few hundred people through the door to more than 4,000 in a month. Those years of experience and knowledge gained from operating a family entertainment business are spelled out in detail for you. There are very few resources available online and of those none will explain what to expect or avoid AFTER opening day.

Throughout the years, I’ve received countless inquiries from people all over the U.S., Canada and Mexico, with an interest in the indoor park and child entertainment industry, and the questions were always the same:


  • How do I start up an indoor park?
  • What size should the facility be?
  • How many visitors do you average per month?
  • What are the initial start-up costs?
  • How much is insurance?
  • What size should the playground (soft play, also known as soft contained equipment) be?

However, those common questions only answer two immediate needs for building an indoor park, namely the two necessary to secure financing – a business plan and financial projections – neither of which will successfully influence your operations. Although each is necessary in their own right, they are of little use once the doors are open and you have employees and expenses to pay.

Here is an inside peek into a few of the things you may find helpful:

  • An actual 12-month daily admission tracking log taken directly from the business, NOT a projection.
  • My very own business plan (the one I personally used to present to banks and investors)
  • How to advertise for FREE through radio (most ads would cost you $3-$5,000/mo.) I ran an ad on every radio station (12 in all) in our metropolitan area and it didn’t cost me one dollar!
  • What is the No. 1 and No. 2 advertising secret which will cost the least amount of money and give you the best results? This tip alone will save you thousands in advertising and gain you hundreds in profits. Unless you’ve spent countless dollars testing which advertising really grabs parent’s attention, you’ll be wasting time and money using the same shotgun approach the rest of us have tried without seeing much return on your investment.
  • Insurance (It could cost you a bundle and put you out of business your very first year if you don’t know where to find the right agents in this industry.)
  • Grants, SBA loans and investor financing.
  • Where to find FREE business plan and financial projection consultants.
  • How choosing the right vendors can save you money.
  • How to get FREE kitchen equipment.
  • How to increase your daily admissions.
  • How to increase your profits.
  • What to expect from your customers and what they’ll expect from you.
  • How to satisfy a customer complaint and get their repeat business WITHOUT offering a refund.
  • When is the best time to open an indoor park?
  • What are the fluctuating cycles of the business?
  • What mix of entertainment should you consider?
  • Why a soft open?
  • Helpful tips to avoid common customer complaints.
  • Tips that will save you thousands, when ordering your softplay equipment.
  • Advertising – there’s plenty out there and every salesperson that walks through your door will show you big numbers and great return on investment percentages, but which ones REALLY work and which ones are a waste of money?
  • How do you change a visitor into a repeat customer and why is it so important? If you don’t, it will mean a lot to your bottom line!!
  • Inexpensive additions to your family entertainment center, which will tell your customers you’re thinking of them and their children.
  • Sample forms and reports you can download and use: injury report, non-compete & non-disclosure, inventory, and employee manual.
  • Planning on offering food to your guests? Most health departments require a food procedure manual. You can use the one provided or use it as an example to create your own.


    There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes.

    Just because you build it, DOESN’T mean they will (customers) come... even if it’s the ONLY indoor playground in town.

    What do you do if they don’t?

    Tell a friend:

    Online you may find information that can get you TO opening day, but NOT beyond, which is extremely critical to your success. This information is presented as a guide to help you with the start up and day-to-day operations of a family entertainment center and promises to provide a large volume of valuable help relating to opening, owning or operating an indoor park. You can also apply the tips found here to indoor inflatable operations, (also known as a bounce houses or jumping castles) go-kart tracks, laser tag and paintball courses, miniature golf and other similarly operated family entertainment centers.

    If you want to catapult your business forward and avoid wasting valuable time and money through trial and error, this website will get you off to a solid start and make your transition much smoother and more successful. EbookCover2.0thumblrgweb


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